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“At Clark Masts our brand is synonymous with portable masts. Indeed, we specialise in pump up, pneumatic, telescopic, and sectional mast systems. Above all we are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Thus our reputation is for innovation, quality and value.”


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Supplying portable telescopic masts across the globe for 50+ years! For communications, lighting, cameras, data capture and more!

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Our masts are built using our modular assembly method. This means your order is ready in the fastest possible time.

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Certified to ISO 9001:2015

We have a rigorous quality management system. This ensures we put our customers and product quality first.

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Our portable masts are designed to be used quickly, simply and safely. As such, our product design gives user experience and well-being the highest priority.

Similarly, we provide all necessary instructions and support documentation. In addition our team are always on hand to answer your questions.

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We provide fast and knowledgeable support for the Asia-Pacific region.

This includes product information, spare parts, assessment and servicing. So you can be assured Clark Masts will support your project or business.

Because, for a product that can last decades or is depended on daily, you need Clark Masts and our reliable support.

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Our focus is on continuous improvement and invention. As such, we have 50+ years experience delivering highest level product quality.

Additionally, our in-house engineering and knowledge delivers tailored solutions for the most demanding projects.

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