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At Clark Masts Asia Pacific we do things a little differently to everyone else.

We believe that when you purchase one of our masts it should last years or even decades. And we know that your project needs can change over that time.

That’s why we’ve created a range of masts built in Australia for the Asia-Pacific region that can be reconfigured based on your needs.

“What does that mean for me?”

Customers can purchase a mast knowing not just what it can do as currently configured, but what it could do if reconfigured. That means changing extended and retracted height, headload and wind rating capacities.

“How does it work?”

By adding and removing tube sections from your mast at a service interval, we can reconfigure your mast to better suit your changed operational requirements, eliminating the wasted expense of a unit that is no longer as useful.

“How much does it cost?”

When done at a service interval reconfiguring a mast will almost always be cheaper that the cost of discarding the old unit and purchasing a replacement. You can purchase with the confidence of knowing that you have made not only the best technical purchase, but the most cost effective purchase you can.

“Let’s see some examples of the modular assembly method in action”

Example 1

John builds communications trailers for a larger miner. He knows using the best products keeps his trailer #1. Naturally, he is considering Clark Masts for his mast solution, but is unsure on which model.

After contacting us he explains his customer currently uses a lightweight antenna needing 10 metres of height. He knows in 2 years the customer is looking to change their network, moving to a heavier antenna only requiring 6 metres.

We explain to John an Australian-built Clark Mast from the Asia Pacific range is his best bet. If he chooses the below model he is buying the most appropriate and cost effective model for right now AND has a number of options for reconfiguration later.

RT MODELSMast HeightMast HeightHeadload
Model NameExtended (m)Retracted (m)kg
John’s mast now:
Reconfigures to:

Example 2

Lou works for a state emergency service, who have a number of trucks fitted with Australian-built Clark Masts from the Asia Pacific range used for scene lighting. The masts extend to almost 5 metres and have been in operation for 3 years.

Lou contacts us and explains that due to operational changes, the lights now need to go to at least 6 metres to light a greater area. The worry is that there is insufficient budget to pay for all new masts.

We explain to Lou that new masts are not required, as we can reconfigure the existing masts to suit the new lighting requirements. We will arrange to have the masts serviced and reconfigured simultaneously to save time and money and get the added height.

MS MODELSMast HeightMast HeightHeadload
Model NameExtended (m)Retracted (m)kg
Lou’s mast now:
Reconfigures to:

Plus much more

While these are just examples, they highlight some of the real-life situations our customers are faced with.

Knowing that you can reconfigure your mast to suit changing project needs means you are investing in versatile equipment the is not just single use and will be useful for years and years to come.

“What else is the modular assembly method good for?”

Fastest delivery & every spare for every mast

Modular assembly means standard tubes and components.

That means we have the tubes and components in stock to build every mast all the time. Add to this our manufacturing location in Australia to better service the Asia Pacific region and you can guarantee our delivery times are the best around!

“That sounds great – anything else?”

Yes! It also means that when you finally do need to service your mast, we have exactly what you need, on the shelf and ready to go for fast delivery.

We stock every part for every mast all the time, including tubes.

“Why would you need spare tubes?”

Customers will find that if they damage a mast from any brand, the tubes are often the most difficult and expensive to replace. Clark Masts Asia Pacific range of masts use a standard range of tubes, so they are always in stock. And because we use them all the time in our new masts, we can supply them more cost effectively.

“That sounds fantastic – what do I do next?”

Talk to us about your mast requirements and any foreseeable future requirements so we can recommend the best mast for your project.

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